Basic page • March 16, 2017 • Anonymous


Expect Well Paying Jobs 

While big corporations post record-breaking profits, working families across California and the nation are struggling simply to make ends meet. To boost their bottom line, big corporations have continued to manipulate the rules to avoid paying fair wages and their fair share of taxes. 

Our communities need good, middle-class jobs that can support a family. Raymond led the charge for the Fight for $15, a campaign advocating for raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The innovative Fight for $15 campaign, not only resulted in California’s adoption of a $15 minimum wage, but also successfully refocused our nation on economic inequality and the need to address widespread economic disparities. 

Expect Humane Immigration Policies 

Current executive actions threaten to tear our communities apart – destabilizing the lives of working families, students, and American businesses. It’s become clear the current Administration will continue to pander to extremists and push a divisive, hate-filled agenda that will endanger our neighbors, weaken our economy, and undermines our ability to promote equality domestically and abroad. 

We must work together toward commonsense, humane immigration reform that keeps families together, strengthens our economy, and puts immigrants on a path to citizenship. 

Expect the Right to Health Care 

The Republican-led effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act would force over 6 million Californians (30 million Americans) back into the ranks of the uninsured and create a severe public health crisis. Losing the health coverage provided through the ACA means millions of working families across California will be forced to go without regular check-ups and preventative care, and as a result, treatable chronic conditions will turn into life-threatening medical emergencies. 

Everyone should be able to see a doctor when they’re sick. We should build upon the successes of the ACA and work towards a broader, more comprehensive, and affordable health care system for all Americans. 

Expect Free Education 

Our colleges and universities are becoming a luxury for the wealthy instead of a pathway to the American Dream. Instead of opening doors, unaffordable tuition and record-breaking student debt have made graduating from college more difficult than ever before. 

Higher education should be free. Raymond helped lead the only successful campaign to freeze higher education tuition fees during the Republican Schwarzenegger Administration

Expect more from your elected officials 

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